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Manage Your Fleet

Access data from any Computer/Tablet/Smartphone and get everything you need from overall fleet trends to detailed data on a specific tracked asset so you can manage your fleet in real-time, any time.

Analyze GPS data

Preserved Historical GPS data is valuable information and can help a company make better decisions about their fleet operations including vehicle purchases, customer routes, worker scheduling and safety.

Track Your Fleet

EAGLEi GPS units capture important data such as idle time, bread crumb trail, speed and distance travelled to build an accurate profile for each vehicle’s costs and to review employee performance.

Our Products

Fleet Tracking

Track Your Fleet

Fleet management improves overall operational efficiency. Our alerts protect vehicles from theft, and complicated insurance claims.

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Action Tracker

Action Tracking

Identifies aggressive driving. With this data you can increase driver safety, reduce the number of driving-related incidents, save on fuel.

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Asset Tracking

Manage Your Fleet

Provides a complete tracking system that helps simplify your asset management process. You can now easily locate and manage high-value assets.

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Taxi Dispatch

Taxi Dispatch

Taxi Dispatch can offer a level access for authorized staff to view & manage a wide range of tracking, booking, & customer service reports.

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Vehicle Dispatch

Vehicle Dispatch

Tracking utilizes GPS satellite technology & cellular network technology to accurately plot your entire fleet’s location.

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EAGLEi GPS has the best network coverage in North America, combining the biggest cellular providers—AT&T, T-Mobile, Telus, Rogers and Bell Mobility—into a single, roaming-free network. When vehicle or trailer activity occurs, the GPS unit transmits the information immediately and automatically. If equipment is outside the real-time coverage, activity is saved on-device, and then transmitted immediately upon returning to the coverage area.

Fleet Management System

Many businesses have specific needs for remote fleet management. EAGLEi GPS created a fleet management system with these requirements in mind, including service delivery to remote areas, asset management, safety, theft prevention, increased profitability and much more!

EAGLEi GPS provides accurate GPS tracking and real time fleet monitoring. By installing GPS devices in your vehicles, you can keep track on location and the driving behaviour of your employees at any time. Within minutes of installation, the GPS modem is activated and the location is tracked through built-in geo-location, immediately recording data on the vehicle’s speed, idling times and distance of trips. Reduce your service vehicles downtime by gaining access to the diagnostic information, identifying check engine light codes or planning for preventative maintenance.

Managing a fleet has never been easier through our extensive Management solution, providing you a visual overview of each vehicle en route to their location on a map. EAGLEi GPS has made tracking/monitoring vehicles simple and cost effective, providing your business with a profound level of fleet management.

HOS (Hours Of Service) & ELD (Electronic Log Data)

HOS regulations have been set in place to improve road safety by keeping fatigued drivers off the road. Vehicles that meet these requirements have a lower chance of accidents, injuries, and fatalities related to operating commercial motor vehicles. HOS is one of three compliance efforts that also include IFTA and CSA.

Commercial vehicle inspections can be tedious, delays can affect time-sensitive loads. With our HOS system, critical data is available through a smartphone or tablet, making roadside inspections more efficient with the least amount of paperwork.

The driver is able to lock the app for inspector’s review and only display information required, keeping private data secure.

We are registered with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

The Government of Canada & USA expressed support for electronic logging devices (ELDs) back in 2015 and Transport Canada includes ELDs on its list of upcoming regulatory changes for 2017-2019. The technology was endorsed as a way to improve highway safety, along with the introduction of electronic stability control systems (ESC). A federal mandate requires truckers across the country to use electronic logs to automatically record their Hours of Service (HOS).

EAGLEi GPS ELD is powered by Assured Tracking’s Apollo Software and is FMCSA registered.  Our solution is a tried tested and proven ELD application. It has made it possible for drivers to be legally compliant with the highway safety act.


  • 2 Minute updates or less
  • Location and time stamp
  • Speed and orientation
  • Distances traveled between locations
  • Duration of stops that were made
  • Trip Log report (km/miles and speed)
  • HOS (Hours Of Service)
  • ELD (Electronic Log Data)
  • Enter/exit of predefined radius
  • Speed alerts
  • Ignition on/off alerts
  • Any 12V input – PTO for fuel tax rebates
  • Reports automatically emailed to customer

A more profitable future

Using what it knows about your fleet costs EAGLEi GPS can help you make profitable decisions about future production, workload, scheduling and territory planning based on what’s most important for your business.

GPS Fleet optimization offers a connected solution to eliminate any opportunity for fuel theft while maximizing the fuel tax rebates available.  Improper fuel management can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel theft and lost tax rebates.  Requiring authentication matching the driver and vehicle, a company can ensure fuel is dispensed properly to the correct vehicle.  Fuel records are tracked and stored by date, vehicle, and usage, providing data to be used towards government tax refunds.  By managing both fixed and mobile tanks with  usage you can address consumption behavior more accurately.  Optimization data can increase your bottom line by monitoring your allocation and fuel usage.

Easy integration, easy to use, let’s set you up today.

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