Project Action Solutions

At EAGLEi we have developed simple software for your tracking needs. Our easy to use layout can simplify workflow with our integrated and automated application for tracking project action items from start to end.

EAGLEi GPS helps companies ensure that driver and fleet safety is a priority. EAGLEi GPS identifies aggressive driving such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking, speeding, hard cornering and ranks drivers based on their performance on these behaviors. Collecting this data shows how employees drive and helps pinpoint drivers that are in need of coaching and improvement. With this data you can increase driver safety, reduce the number of driving-related incidents, save on fuel and preserve your business’ reputation. Keep your drivers focused on the road can remove distractions and avoid temptation.

Driver monitoring has evolved tremendously in recent years and companies need to to take advantage of near-real-time reporting on driver performance. With today’s technologies you can now keep track of not only where their trucks are at any moment, but also how the trucks are being operated. Fleets have become more interested in tracking driver behaviors, particularly in response to the new government safety enforcement programs.

Our software monitors driver performance and safe driving behavior by using our OBD2 or hard wire covert units. By collecting this data our software save/track employee safe driving profiles. EAGLEi GPS stores and analyzes driver behaviors reported by the OBD2 or Hard wired unit monitors and the system alerts you about bad driving behaviors like speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking and other behaviors that indicate poor driver safety. EAGLEi GPS makes fleet management safety easier.

Your employees are not only your ambassadors to your clients they are also actively representing you on the road. Poor driving can upset potential customers and opens up potential liability as well. The EAGLEi GPS unit monitors/track driver behavior the moment your employees turn on the engine and report that back to you. Bad driving like aggressive starts and hard braking indicate reckless behavior, distracted driving or worse behaviors behind the wheel.

Reducing fleet driver speeding incidents! The software collects speeding data from your vehicles and lets you view it trip-by-trip and over time. Your drivers who drive at high rates of speed are easily identified. With this data disciplinary actions can take place towards your drivers which in turn can substantially cut down on speeding.

EAGLEi GPS tracks vehicle speed for every trip and compiles that information trip-by-trip. Identifying the time your drivers spend driving over 100kmph (55MPH) and correcting that through clear business policies can save 15% or more of your fuel costs. With this data you can also send a message on the dispatch system to tell your drivers to slow down. This solution can also save on your overall insurance premiums with a clean and safe driving record.

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