Asset Tracking Systems & Solutions

At EAGLEi our cutting edge satellite asset management system allows for optimum control and efficiency, all in real time.
Easy to Use and Detailed Asset Tracking for small, medium and large goods. Track your expensive equipment from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. At EAGLEi you can have piece of mind knowing where your assets are in real time with our simple and easy to use software.

Our tracking hardware can be as simple as a tracking device or have an accelerometer on the system to see if your assets have moved or changed position.


Track your assets worldwide and keep your business on track

  • Address locator
  • 2 Minute updates or less
  • Breadcrumb trail
  • Sensor reports
  • Military grade rugged hardware

When your business depends on high-value assets, knowing the location and status of each asset is critical to not only you, but your customers as well. Seeing what’s happening in the field can save you time and money by increasing asset utilization.

With EAGLEi GPS you can remotely track, monitor and manage your fixed or mobile assets in near real-time. Get all of the info you need from any computer, tablet or mobile phone with an online connection.

Using our flexible, scalable asset tracking solution boosts your bottom line by providing on-demand visibility into your entire operation.

Managing trailers, heavy equipment and other assets requires knowing where they are at all times. Using EAGLEi GPS you can quickly and easily identify the precise location of every fixed or movable asset you own with reliable round-the-clock asset tracking.

With our easy-to-install hardware with patented GPS technology and the ability to roam world wide, EAGLEi GPS provides a complete tracking system that helps simplify your asset management process. Drivers can work more efficiently by knowing the exact location of every shipping container, trailer or piece of equipment. This can improve response times by pinpointing asset locations and facilitate fast, efficient movement of assets in the field. You can now easily locate and manage high-value assets which help deter theft with unauthorized movement alerts.

Companies need to maximize their return on any capital they have invested in. When heavy duty expensive equipment isn’t being tracked using GPS technology, there is a good chance your business could be missing out valuable revenue opportunities or paying hidden costs.

Heavy equipment like towers, cranes, graders, bulldozers, or dump trucks is a large investment for any company. When you spend millions on purchasing heavy equipment, you have to insure it. Your insurance may offer protection if the equipment is stolen, damaged, or causes damage to someone else’s property, there are things it can’t protect against like unauthorized use, fuel theft, or rough driving that can make your equipment more expensive to run and maintain. We at EAGLEi GPS can help monitor your equipment protect against abuse can keep your workers honest, your costs accurate, and extend the life of your machines.

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