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How To Face Tough Weather Conditions While Driving A Truck

Adverse weather is the enemy of the trucker, and it’s an inevitable part of the job. The best truckers will know from experience and received wisdom how to handle bad weather. But fleet managers should impart all the knowledge possible to newer drivers and even to more experienced ones so that all drivers can get [...]


Benefits Of Tracking Your Fleet

Fleet tracking is becoming essential to pretty much all companies now. Even for small fleets, the ability to quickly and accurately locate where all your drivers and vehicles are is imperative for profit, productivity, and even for drivers’ safety. Some drivers may respond adversely to fleet tracking as they might feel it’s a form of [...]


How GPS Tracking can Positively affect Taxi Dispatch Efficiency

Imagine yourself 25 years ago embarking upon a road trip. What would you take with you in the car? Maybe some snacks, some good CDs or cassettes, and maybe a pillow or cushion for your seat. Along with that you would take with you a road map. A big, colourful, paper map (that was almost [...]


Improve Fleet Safety by Preventing Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can be a killer, both figuratively and literally. For individual drivers, we have all been warned about the dangers of driving while distracted and many jurisdictions have legislation that penalises those who are caught driving while using a mobile phone or device. However, for business managers in charge of fleets, the risk of [...]


Why is GPS Fleet Tracking Essential to Profitability?

With such a large number of vehicles in your fleet and drivers in your employment, it can be very difficult to keep track of them all. You owe it to your clientele as well as yourself and your company’s reputation to ensure that all your drivers and vehicles are safe, on schedule, and accounted for. [...]


3 Common Myths About Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking systems are now helping operators across the globe reduce their operational expenditure and maintain tight control over their vehicles, but there are still a multitude of widely held misconceptions concerning fleet tracking technology. In this post, our expert team members highlight three of the most common myths they hear on the subject and [...]


3 Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Fleet Management

Fleet operators must now consider their annual expenditures and the impact these expenditures have on the future of their fleet. With the price of gas continuing to rise, company leaders must look to other areas of their business to improve their operational efficiency. In this latest article, our experienced team highlights three ways to improve [...]