Become A Re-Seller

Independent agents have strong contacts and relationships but no infrastructure to service customers or deal with support issues. EAGLEi GPS will assist as needed during the whole process, including giving a presentation, to ensure specific and complete information is provided.

Compensation is provided in a one-time payout on a per vehicle unit basis. It’s a very simple relationship agreement with no commitment or a monthly quota. This exchange works well for the one-time opportunities where future sales are not anticipated and GPS is not the primary focus on sales.

The reseller program is for companies who are already established with a full time staff. Resellers are trained and supported by EAGLEi GPS and earn revenue on equipment, installation and on a monthly basis with no commitment to minimum sales quantities. Resellers invoice customers directly and pay EAGLEi GPS separately. We will provide sales support, consult with the reseller to address issues, identify opportunities and offer access to regular training and updates.

This is a great opportunity to take your current business to a whole new level. By selling The EAGLEi GPS Solution you can increase your sales revenue with no commitment.

Please contact us today for a live demo and we can provide an overview of our vast software and hardware options.

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