Fleet tracking is becoming essential to pretty much all companies now. Even for small fleets, the ability to quickly and accurately locate where all your drivers and vehicles are is imperative for profit, productivity, and even for drivers’ safety. Some drivers may respond adversely to fleet tracking as they might feel it’s a form of micromanagement.

On the contrary, while fleet tracking is useful for keeping track of the team, it is also an excellent tool for finding the best routes to avoid traffic and to keep drivers safe in bad conditions.

Keep Fatigued Drivers off the Road

There are few jobs in the world that push people to exhaustion more than truck driving. Drivers have to go long distances and in an effort to get there as quick as possible, they often forego proper sleep and rest. This can cause bad decision making (wrong turns, getting lost) which leads to inefficiency, or even worse, fatigue-induced collisions.

To keep drivers safe and operating at optimal levels, fleet tracking can provide you with all the information you need to know about how long your drivers have been on the road, where they’re going, and if they should take a break or get some sleep.

Driving at a Reasonable Speed

Drivers often pride themselves on the speed with which they can get from point A to point B. This is a good thing if it means knowing which are the best routes to take. However, if they begin to drive at dangerous and illegal speeds, that is in nobody’s best interest. With a good fleet tracking system, you will know if any of your drivers are speeding and you can ask them to slow down accordingly.

Preventing Distraction

You want your drivers to stay focussed when they’re on the road. Fleet tracking can let you know if any of your drivers are becoming too distracted. You can find out about significant changes in their speeds, if they are properly following directions, or if they have stopped somewhere for too long.

Those are just some of the many benefits you will reap with a GPS tracking system from EAGLEiGPS. Contact us today to learn more!