Feel free to call us, we can set up a live demo or do it over the phone.  Keep in mind our system has been developed to make things simple so you can concentrate on your business rather than figuring out how to use our software.

You will be alerted if it has been tampered with. Our asset tracking devices carry an internal battery as well, so data can still be collected.

Our number is all over the website site, feel free to call or send us an email.

Yes, we can travel to your location as long as expenses are covered.

Our Trackers collect vehicle status and logs it on the device’s internal processor. Once the cellular connection is back on the network, all the data is logged back onto the EagleiGPS system.

Yes, we can hard-wire our system to your equipment and track how much fuel is used.  Whether it be a cement truck, drill truck we can help you get a government rebate.

Yes, EagleiGPS has an OBD-II Plug in solution which makes it simple to swap between vehicles.

Yes, our software can compile that report for you.

Absolutely, you can track your vehicles within 2 Minute updates or less.

Yes, our system is mobile friendly and can be accessed by any tablet or smart phone.

Yes, as long as you are connected and logged in to the software your fleet or assets can be tracked.

Yes, call or email us at support@EagleiGPS.com

Yes, we can modify our software applications to fit your specific business needs.

We suggest you request a live demo to see our solution live and answer any questions you might have.

Yes, we can book a free demo please call 1-855-660-8389 or fill out the request form.

GPS Tracking requires a software and a hardware component.  The hardware is attached to the vehicle/asset to be tracked.  The software displays the data that is collected by the hardware.

Yes, our system is web-based so your system will automatically update.

Yes we do, you can either come to our location or we will send one of our technician’s to you.

Absolutely, our products come with installation guides so you can have it installed yourself.

We can talk to you over the phone or online for free.

Using our solutions you can experience significant fuel, maintenance, overtime, operational and insurance cost reductions.

There is a small monthly fee per vehicle. We can include the hardware for free, for a term and installation is free.