Adverse weather is the enemy of the trucker, and it’s an inevitable part of the job. The best truckers will know from experience and received wisdom how to handle bad weather. But fleet managers should impart all the knowledge possible to newer drivers and even to more experienced ones so that all drivers can get through bad weather efficiently, quickly, and most importantly, safely.

Added Weight is Beneficial

If winter conditions have made road surfaces icy and slippery, traction is your best friend. You should, of course, have winter tires on your vehicle, but in addition to that, you should add weight to your vehicle if possible. One simple way to do this is to fill up your gas tank. The weight of all the fuel will provide you with more traction on icy, wet, and slippery roads.

Keep your Distance

In snowy conditions, it is very tempting to follow the taillights of the vehicle ahead of you. This can be beneficial but also dangerous. You must not get too close. This is good advice for any weather, but especially so in bad weather. Pay as much attention as you can to the road. Focussing solely on the taillights in front of you in heavy rain, snow, or fog could mean that the mistake of the driver ahead of you quickly becomes your own. Keep a safe distance in case anything goes awry.

Visibility is Key

Before departing into adverse conditions, make sure you can see. This may seem obvious, but in a rush, many drivers neglect to take all proper precautions. Make sure your windshield is in good condition and as clean as possible. Ensure that you have lots of wiper fluid to keep your windshield clean and clear.

Anti-gel Additives

Anti-gel additives are very useful and necessary in extreme cold. When it is well-below freezing, diesel fuel can begin to coagulate or “gel”, forming wax crystals. This thickened fuel can clog your engine and filters and can stop your truck from running. The anti-gel additives prevent this gelling.

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